Cleaner beer for longer

The innovative solution that provides exceptional quality tap beer, saves on beer wastage and improves your OH & S.




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  • non-corrosive


    Our advanced multi-enzymatic cleaner is very safe to use.

  • tick—black


    Improved pouring, presentation and taste.

  • GLASS—black


    24/7 protection flattens 'the dirt curve', cleaner for longer.



    Environmentally friendly, it can be disposed down the drain.

  • CASH-IN-HAND—black


    Extended cleaning cycle saves on beer wastage, labour, chemical & water.

Trevor Candido
Trevor Candido
Universal Bar, Perth & Hotel Darwin

I can honestly say that after 20+ years in hospitality, not many things excite me day to day with respect to game changing innovation. But Right Beer certainly has. Our group has 7 venues located across 2 states and territories around Australia, and we have begun a roll-out of the Right Beer system to all of them due to the success and improvement we have seen at our test site earlier this year.

We agreed to look at the Right Beer system, as long as we could scientifically validate both the Cellar Control sonic system, and, the Maxi-Enzyme cleaning solution. And validate them they did. Everything about the service of draught beer in our test site dramatically improved within 8 weeks of installation. The beer tastes better, smells better and pours better. What was most interesting, is that our customers could taste the difference, with many of them approaching us to say how good the beer was, even though they had no knowledge of, or knew, we were using the Right Beer System.

Right Beer will be a part of any venue we control into the future, as we know that it will ensure the best draught beer experience for our customers.

Grant Murray
Grant Murray
Oxford Hotel, Adelaide

We installed Cellar Control January 2018 and I could not be any happier with the results. We pour 16 different beers on tap at any one time, so beer quality is of the upmost importance.  No more fortnightly cleans and our beer has never looked or tasted better. The Cellar Control / Right Beer system saves me time, money and is hassle free.

Highly recommended!

Piers Scmidt
Piers Scmidt
Preston Hotel Group, Adelaide

'I am at a loss as to why all venues haven’t adopted this system.

In beer wastage alone it is a godsend! And makes cleaning beer lines safer, quicker & hassle free.

We have it installed in all 3 venues: The Earl of Leicester was first, 2017 and saves us significant money each year due to the length of the beer lines. The Sussex and Union were installed soon after due to the ease of maintaining our beer quality and only 8 cleaning events per year as opposed to 26.

I don’t understand why any serious venue operator wouldn’t jump onboard. It’s a game changer!'

If after 6 months with our solution, your beer quality has not improved, we'll remove the system FREE of charge and refund you up to 6 months of the subscription.

We appreciate that it takes someone with courage to make their own strategic decisions, often against the flow of popular opinion.

To take away your decision making risk, we offer FREE installation and FREE removal and a refund on your subscription of up to 6 months if we have not delivered on beer quality.

Discover for yourself the benefits of a Right Beer Solution.