6 Months money back guarantee

With all business decisions there is generally a ‘Plan B’, a ‘fallback position’… an exit strategy.

We agree that’s wise, and that’s why we offer a refund on our subscription, of up to 6 months if you are not completely satisfied.

We’ll install the CellarControl system for FREE, that’s when the monthly subscription commences. All we’ll require is a 10amp power point to power the system, ideally located within the coolroom. We’ll also remove the system at no charge if you request.

To compliment our solution we highly recommend Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner, this is available in 5L & 20L containers.

At Right Beer Solutions we appreciate the industry has conditioned itself to clean fortnightly with a high pH caustic cleaner. There has been little to no innovation in this space for many decades.

So, what if we could clean as good, if not better, be safer, be better for the environment and saved you money?

That’s what we offer.

If you wish to challenge the ‘it’s the way we’ve always done it’, to explore a cleaner, safer and smarter option. We’ll take away the risk and support you with a refund of up to 6 months on the subscription.

Our solution is engaged by many astute business owners, they wouldn’t continue with it, if they weren’t receiving benefit. Benefits such as consistently high quality beer quality, improved OH&S and reduction in wastage of beer, water and chemicals.