How do we test the beer quality?

The beer samples are collected in sanitised containers, packed in an air freight approved esky with an ice pack and then delivered to the airport. The ‘cold chain’ is maintained throughout the journey through to delivery at the microbioligists.

Once received, the samples are placed in petri dishes, incubated and then we wait for 5 days for the counting of microbiological bacterial colonies.

The microbiologists are NATA endorsed and experts at testing products for the brewing industry.

Case Studies

We undertook a comprehensive validation process with The Precinct Tavern, Darwin and The Hotel Darwin.

In both venues we tested a benchmark of their previous regime and then carried out multiple agar plate test analysis’ once we had our solution completely commissioned.

  • The Precinct Tavern we tracked the beer quality over 6 months, taking samples in months 2, 4 & 6.
  • Hotel Darwin, we tracked the beer quality though the 6 week journey, taking samples at days 1, 23 & 41.

Case Studies

The following results were from samples taken at the end of a 6 week period.