CASE STUDY – Hotel Darwin, NT

The iconic Hotel Darwin, NT, consists of 2 full size venues, a Sports Bar and a Main Bar in the heart of Darwin City. Both bars have 18 beers going to 20 taps servicing from separate coolrooms.

The Beers

Great Northern, Carlton Dry & Carlton Draught were selected by the venue, as they were their highest selling tap beers.

The Benchmark

Prior to the installation of the CellarControl, the 3 beer samples were taken 5/3/19 and sent to EcoDiagnostics in Perth, WA for agar plate analysis. This was to create a ‘benchmark’ of the beer quality from the current practice.

The Process

To prepare the lines for a 6 week period, three line cleans occurred in quick succession. The MEBLC was installed by the Duty Manager (DM) at the end of the evening and subsequently rested for approximately 7 hours. The morning DM then flushed the system out.

Three further testing of beer samples occurred during the 6 week period, (4 in total in this Case Study).

2nd Test – the first day after the line clean occurred – COMMENCEMENT (10/4/19).
3rd Test – 23 days since last clean – MIDWAY, (2/5/19).
4th Test – 41 days since last clean – END, (20/5/19).

The Results

The below graph indicates total counts of : Wild Yeast x 2, Bacteria, Mould & Lactic Acid Bacteria. The data highlights evidence of the beer quality further improving during the 6 week period.

Total counts of : Wild Yeast x 2, Bacteria, Mould & Lactic Acid Bacteria.


Within the first 6 weeks of implementation, the venue noticed a dramatic improvement in the taste, smell and pouring of their beers. They were able to directly compare the same beer with their adjoining bar, where we had yet to install our system. We have observed improvements in the beer quality during the 6 week cycle and we would expect to see further improvements in the long term.

Client feedback

I can honestly say that after 20+ years in hospitality, not many things excite me day to day with respect to game changing innovation. But Right Beer certainly has. Our group has 7 venues located across 2 states and territories around Australia, and we have begun a roll-out of the Right Beer system to all of them due to the success and improvement we have seen at our test site earlier this year.

We agreed to look at the Right Beer system, as long as we could scientifically validate both the Cellar Control sonic system, and, the Maxi-Enzyme cleaning solution. And validate them they did. Everything about the service of draught beer in our test site dramatically improved within 8 weeks of installation. The beer tastes better, smells better and pours better. What was most interesting, is that our customers could taste the difference, with many of them approaching us to say how good the beer was, even though they has no knowledge of, or knew, we were using the Right Beer System.

Right Beer will be a part of any venue we control into the future, as we know that it will ensure the best draught beer experience for our customers.

Trevor Candido