CASE STUDY – The Precinct

The Precinct Tavern is a craft beer venue in Darwin, Northern Territory. There is a capacity of approximately 1,000 patrons, they serve 30 beers, from 46 taps, across 2 bars, serviced from 1 cool room.


Venue engaged an external contractor to clean their beer lines fortnightly. Due to the size of the venue, they visit the site each week and clean half of the lines. The contractor used a single part caustic cleaner which is pH14 and labelled ‘Corrosive 8’.

The Benchmark

Prior to the installation of the CellarControl, the 4 beer samples were taken (and selected by client) and sent to ALS Food & Pharmaceutical in Sydney for analysis. This was to create a ‘benchmark’ of the beer quality at the end of a fortnight from the current practice.

The Preparation

CellarControl system installed

Line preparation to 6 weekly periods requires gradual cycle increases to ensure lines are in the best condition prior to commencing the first 6 week period.

The first cleaned occurred the day after the CellarControl was installed, then 2 weeks later and then a further 3 weeks.

Beer taps were soaked in Maxi-Enzyme BLC weekly and the keg couplers fortnightly.

The Results

Target is to achieve as close as possible to zero, the counts are (bacteria) colony forming units (cfu) per mL

Test 1 – Is the benchmark of the beer quality at the end the previous forntightly cleaning cycle.

Test 2 – Is the beer quality at the end of 6 weeks, after 12 weeks of operation.

Test 3 – Is the beer quality at the end of 6 weeks, after 30 weeks of operation. This validates that long term use of our system continually improves and maintains beer quality.

The Overview

The overall counts of all bacterias, wild yeasts and mould continued to improve over the 6 months validation period, as pictured below.

The Overview

Beer quality at the end of 6 weeks is substantially better than previously cleaning fortnightly.

Every beer responded well, as indicated below.

Overview of improvement per beer over 6 months.

The venue now has consistently higher quality beer over the entire cycle.

Total annual savings appproximately $15k