Maxi-Enzyme BLC tested by International brewery testing authority

Campden BRI in London (UK) was established in 1919 and has become the foremost provider of scientific support and technical services to the brewing industry worldwide. Maxi-Enzyme Australia Pty Ltd engaged Campden BRI to validate the efficacy of the multi-enzymatic beer line cleaner and to the best of our knowledge is the only beer line cleaner in Australia to carry out this vigorous process.


A short length of PVC pipe was scoured on the inside to allow for better bacterial attachment, the line was articially incubated with bacteria. The line was filled with ambient temperature Ale (at all times), 12 Pints of beer were drawn through the line each day (4 x morning, midday & evening). This process was carried out for 5 days and rested for a further 2 days, this was to represent UK trading Monday to Friday over a week.


A 2cm section of the beer line was analysed, the bacterial count before cleaning was 1,960,000 and after 30 minutes at 45°C the count was 17.


Maxi-Enzyme BLC was given an enormous task to clean an articially contaminated beer line and nearly achieved full sanitisation. You can have confidence that under normal soiling conditions, Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner is a very effective cleaner… and very safe.

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