It is widely encouraged for venues to clean weekly or fortnightly to flush out the organic load.

We are seeing a lot of venues pushing that out to monthly cleans.

We spend thousands of dollars each year validating our system using microbiologists and agar plate analysis.

We regularly see results at 2, 3 & 4 week periods (with no CellarControl) and the fact remains, the lines require cleaning at 2 weeks.

Periods beyond 2 weeks move from dirty to very dirty. This means beer fron the keg is travelling across many weeks of organic load.

The beer cannot possibly taste as the brewer had intended.

We’re starting a social movement… #monthlycleaningisnotok

YES we offer a solution that assists venues achieve and maintain exceptional tap beer for longer periods… and not everyone can get their head around it…that’s OK… BUT… at least give a shit and clean your lines weekly or fortnightly at worse.

There is NO data to support monthly cleaning…and plenty of anecdotal evidence.

Drinkers, let the venues know, provide feedback.

Venue operators, happy to have a chat and see if we are a great fit for you.

Brewers, you can be assured that our venues are serving your beer in exceptional condition.

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