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'How to' video guide.

Our 'Best Practice' frequency.


A new keg is required, with a clean cloth and spray sanitiser, wipe the new surface clean.


Soak and scrub beer taps.

6 Weekly

Full line clean, plus

  • Soak and scrub couplers
  • Non return valves on drop leads.


Thorough clean of the coolroom, including:

  • Fobs (cellarboys)
  • Coolroom walls, floor & ceiling..


Tap Cleaning
  • We recommend weekly tap cleaning as a minimum (daily is fantastic), they sit in the ambient temperature which perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive.
  • Add approximately 20mL of multi-enzymatic Beer Line Cleaner (BLC) per 1 Litre of hot water into food grade bucket.
  • Soak the taps in Maxi-Enzyme for minimum 30 minutes, longer is ok as it is water based and non-corrosive.
  • Alternate each week with the taps in the ‘open’ and ‘closed’ position, so the multi-enzymes clean all areas of the tap.
  • Recommend using a small brush to give a light clean on the inside of the tap.
  • Flush thoroughly with potable (tap) water.
  • Recommend using protective gloves when placing your hand in the bucket, so the enzymes don’t affect your skin and the water is hot.
  • Recommend wearing safety glasses to avoid any product splashing in your eyes. If this does occur, flush your eyes out thoroughly with potable water.

Download beer tap hygiene guide

Line Cleaning
  • We have validated our solution at 6 weeks frequency, however some of clients elect to clean monthly and 8 weekly.
  • For more specific information on line cleaning, there are SOP (safe operating procedures) and guides in our downloads page.
Coupler Cleaning



New Keg
Cleaning the fittings
Beer Glass cleaning
Cleaning the Coolroom



Useful tools
Recommended Personal Protection



Download our 6 weekly checklist.